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Team Building @ Air Extreme

As well as offering a high flying experience,

Air Extreme can offer teambuilding programmes for a variety of groups

including, not just our high ropes course, but a variety of exercises and games

designed motivate, build relationships, improve communication and build your team!

Team Building - Why?

Team building programmes with Air Extreme are designed with your team in mind, based on the needs and desired outcomes of your team.  Whether your team be a school group, a holiday group or a corporate group, we have a programme to maximise the benefits to you.

Team building can provide both individual and team benefits including:

  • Increasing individuals sense of self confidence;
  • Improve individual communication skills;
  • Improve individuals agility and co-ordination;
  • Improve a team's ability to communicate;
  • Increase a team's levels of motivation and confidence;
  • Improve teamwork through improving mutual trust within the team.

Programmes are designed to last a full morning and to get the most out of the morning for your team.

For more information, please contact us.