The Barn 

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The Most Northerly High Ropes Course in the UK.

High Ropes Outdoor Activities

The Bow Tie

Having ascended the rope ladder to the first platform, six elements await you testing balance, co-ordination and nerves, before the final descent - step off the platform and let the descender lower you to the ground - sounds simple?  Come and give it a try!  Having ascended the rope ladder to the first platform, participants then traverse the cargo net, around 7 metres in the air. Once crossed, then comes then grapevine, a tightrope 4 metres long. Having balanced across the tightrope, next comes the loops. Swing from one to the other before tackling the balance beams. Not just one, but two wooden beams, cross from one to the next, before the wobbly bridge crosses you to the final element before descent—the swinging steps. Right foot first, and swing for the next step. Finally time to get back to the ground, simply step off and let our descender lower you to the ground. It’s as simple as that!

Bookings may be made for Tuesday to Saturday by prior arrangement either via email, telephone or through our Facebook Page.  Each session can take a maximum number of 10 people, this maybe made up from smaller groups.  Booking is advised, but if we have space on sessions when you arrive, we will fit you in.  Sundays are a day to just turn up and play.  We will not be taking bookings for Sundays, just turn up and have a go between 10am and 4pm. Cost is £10 per person for an hour & a half session all inclusive.

We are able to take groups of 10+.  If you are wishing to book for a group over 10, please contact us as session lengths & times will be different. 

Please note that this is an outdoor, weather dependent activity and cannot operate in certain weather conditions, such as high wind.  In these circumstances, groups will be contacted and given the option to move their booking.
High Ropes Outdoor Activities

Due to the nature of the activities, our insurers require all participants to have a signed disclaimer completed by themselves (if 18 yrs and over) or by a parent / guardian.  We also require a medical information sheet be completed to alert instructors to any medical conditions.  These documents can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

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